MTV Movie Awards


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Amanda Bynes looks like crap :eek: not sure if its her makeup, fake tan, or bad bleach job...

also Sasha Baron Cohen made a funny speech about Borat :cool:


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Sara Silverman went there with her:

"famous vaginas in the crowd - Toby Mcguire" joke

"Paris Hilton going to jail and they are going to make it easier for her by painting all the cell bars to look like penis's, I just worry she's going to break her teeth on those things"

while they were sitting right there, were some of the most uncomfortable, yet most hilarious moments because she just didnt give a damn!



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i can only take silverman in small doses, i do like her, but after awhile she gets on my nerves...i didnt watch all of the movie awards because i have better things to do, like sit around here, but i did see the paris hilton joke, and that british singer chick looked pretty good...still dont like that song though


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I dig that "Rehab" song, like it when singers have a throwback style, especially women with a jazzy/blues kinda voice

I hate Dane Cook and think he is entirely unfunny

Sarah Silverman is cute but you can see why formalwear is not her attire of choice

disappointed in Alba's choice of a red circus tent for a dress, c'mon show that thing off!!

Bynes did look odd, but her body is amazing

the shameless Transformers promos were just awful

I have a mini-rant on the "best movie you haven't seen yet" category. As if the fact that every presenter was there to hype their upcoming summer movie went somehow unnoticed we had a category for movies that haven't come out yet!!? What the hell is that!? An excuse to have a 10-second trailer play in front of a core demographic? There were like 8 nominees, and the award went to.... drum-roll... Transformers!!? The one that had its stars co-hosting the pre-show party and the clips available at MTV's web site. what a SHOCKER?! So Transformers sponsoring the show and getting tons of air-time wasn't enough, MTV decided to fabricate an aware for them!? RIDICULOUS

end rant


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Bynes was smoking hot. She's grown up rather well :eek:

Rogan (f/Knocked Up) had some good jive about Jew Sperm.

Borat and his Amish nonsense made me laugh hysterically, as he "got pulled over in Jewtown". (Any jew jokes = jackpot).

Transformers = joke. Simpsons did it....and should've rolled.

Will Smith sucks too. (Not talking about the fomer OSU DE, now for the Saints).