Mouse Compatability Issues

i have a macbook and i love my little logitech 3 button optical mouse, but the usb housing is beginning to break. seeing as how im going on a trip soon, i decided to get a new one. i checked out a mouse that my friend had and thought it was pretty cool, so i searched for it on amazon and found it. i made sure to double check the toshiba website, making sure it was compatible with the Mac OS. it was late at night, guess i wasnt paying full attention to it, and i bought it and had it shipped quickly just to make sure it got here on time. i open it up and plug it in and it doesnt work. i check the website and it says that some mice may not be compatible with Mac OSX.
is there ANYWAY (downloadable programs, drivers, etc) that i can use to make it compatible or am i straight out of luck?
its a dumb question and its a stupid mistake on my part, but just would like to know if theres any solution besides sending it back and getting my money back. thanks for looking