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i hate those bastards

bites all over me after sunday/monday being outside...and in great spots, wrist, forearm, top of foot, side of foot, back of neck...its like i have fleas or something...

itchy bad


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cortaid creme guys

i think our mosquitoes up here are shape shifters and they can squeeze through screens so they sneak in and bite you in the middle of the night

i have a bottle in the pumper thing right next to my bed and a thing of cortizone 10 creme cause i got tired of making little x's with my fingernails on the bites. (might be a myth but the reason they itch is they leave part of their needle in you so if you take a finger nail and make an X over the bite, as the X smooths out it takes the stinger out)


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As much as I hate chemical stuff... find a repellant with the highest DEET rating.. and that will help.

No mosquitos here in So Cal, but believe it or not, it drove FLEAS out of my house (well that and Advantage) :salut: