More Mail


Bench Warmer
Got Some cards from 2 different trades. and some ebay pickups.
1st the ebay stuff.

Was glad to see a few becks come in just 2 right now.
Red all conference this is #2 as a red.
bronze variation sage
(red legends from a trade on beckett)

A trade from andy and another site (not beckett)
THanks andy. Thier are a few others andy included Referactors and A ted ginn chrome rc

Another from trade

and now a lil story this won this card for .99 + 2.50 shipping. I got it today in a .41 cent envelope and it was 1/2 way out of the top loader. It has a crease in it not really able to be seen on the top loader. ON top of all that it had .17 cents postage due.....

KINDA TICKED:mad::jet: