Mom was ready to kill


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My dad has had shingles before and when he started having a rash that hurt and itched she knew what it was. She dragged him to Kaiser urgent care and he saw this middle eastern MD who told her not to talk. My dad has trouble discribing what is wrong so he made her go in. The guy went shingles hurt they don't itch she said they itched before. He said they don't expand in that direction she said they went up his shoulder blade before. He finally gave up and ordered an antiviral. He made it the strongest one around with 5 times a day for ten days. His Md had said this was very strong and only take it three times a day. She thinks he will end up killing a patient.:doh:


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I'm beginning to see that Kaiser sucks! I have Kaiser and they always give me the run around/reach around every time I go in for something. They really don't work with you like a doctor should.


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Yeah, I have Kaiser too, and I think they stick all the doofus docs in urgent care. I've run into a few idiots in the specialities, but fortunately the one specialist and my primary care doc that I deal with now are both pretty good. Kaiser does take for FREAKING EVER to get anything done tho.

Sorry to hear about that M.