Miss teen USA South Carolina answers a questiion


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:doh: but Public Speaking is hard to do and I am sure it was nerves. She is not at college so that may explain some of it.


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didnt click the link but im guessing the thing about americans not being able to find the united states on a map and she turns it into south africa?...they blindsided her


Wow. I am guessing she is one of the 20% who wouldnt be able to find the US on a map. It also reminded me a bit of the Billy Maddison economics question...lol.


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... look, the economics in Billy Madison has nothing to do with the South Africa and the Afghanistan. We need in the U.S. to teach the U.S. how to look for the U.S. on the ... I meant to say that South africa does not have U.S. maps and that we can contribute to the welfare of dogs in the Michael Vick case by providing the maps of the U.S. to places where Afghanistan and South African people are. Maps of the U.S. only halp the U.S. if we use them for the common good. South africa does not have said maps and therefore ... DING!