Mike Nifong on trial


Bench Warmer
The Duke prosecuter is on trial for ethics charges right now. They have lots of good coverage on it on Court TV right now.
This guy is in for ALOT of trouble.

He rushed a case that had NO business being brought to trial. He held evidence from the defense that proved those players didnt rape the hooker.

If he doesnt get booted from his state bar and removed as DA and doesnt get ALOT of jail time, justice will have failed. He ruined lives just for an effort to get re-elected.
The lineup only had Duke players, 100% chance she was going to pick a player. He should have been fired just for that mess up.
this guy is a scum bag in every sense of the word, i really hope he goes down for helping that whore ruin those players lives

and while they're at it why isnt she in trouble? she lied about being raped to either gain money, fame, or just to slander these guys names which im pretty sure is illegal