Migraines suck


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Yeah me and my mother both have them. I especially like the lights and squiggely lines. I take Imitrex and if you catch it in time it works. It is lucky my mom's insurance pays for it because it is hell of expensive.


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I get them without fail, once a month. Tried Imitrex, didn't do anything. Now, I just lie in bed and cover my head with a pillow and wait a few hours for it to pass. I have residual migraines for about a week, but we don't have pillows or beds here at work.


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I have actually started to get them about once every two weeks or so. Usually when I get them I am at work and I just go set in bathroom with the lights off for a while. I have found that if you take 6-8 excedrin in time it usually works. G/L on the one you are having today!


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they do suck massively. i get them when i am massively stressed out

i have found if you rub the bone behind your ears, the part that is up against your skull, it sort of relieves some of the pressure because a migraine is irritability on the nerve that runs down the side of your head into your neck.

hot showers, with the massager things on your neck sometimes help

don't squeeze your eyes shut though cause that just puts more pressure on your head.

hope you feel better. excedrine migraine seems to help take the edge off mine at least.