Middle School basketball.


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I made the team about three weeks ago. And we had our first scrimmage this Monday. Im in 7th and had like 14 points and 11 rebounds and 2 steals. My coaches had been asking me to practice with 8th. Today they said theyre gonna let me play on the 8th grade team because i played so good on Monday. Im sort of afraid. Anyone have advice on how i could start being less scared. AND NO BASHING ABOUT ONLY BEING IN 7TH GRADE I KNOW ITS NOT IMPRESSIVE.
Ok honestly, the jump from 8th from 7th should not make much a difference. In baseball we have played up 2 years (as in when we were 14 we played 16s) and did fine. There is nothing to be intimidated about. Look in the pros, a 21 yr old PG versing gary payton who is nearly double his age, but they do it. Play like you normally do and you are fine.
Sounds like you are doing well :)

Honestly when I used to play district rep basketball, they played under age groups every 2 years. For example U14, U16 etc so you have nothing to worry about.

Harden up mate :)
Just watch the refs you see a ref and make them check you the ref is turned you check them I think but other wise on O just stand there and let them knock you down and on D just like brush them up.... Just my advice
Thanks for the advice guys. The asst. coach said theyre letting me play because they want me to get better for 7th grade. And they want me to play against people at my skill level and size.
i think i would no i made 7th and 8th grade basketball teams and all you have to do is play the way you have been playing. Just do what you do, if you do good on the 8th grade team the coaches would tell the high school when you get to 9th grade and would probably get in the 9th grade team. how tall are you? im 5'4" but im fast and i can shoot anywhere on the court so it helps but it stinks im not tall! JUST DO IT! GOOD LUCK!