Member of The Month - May '14


TP9 | VC15
86 (100%)
This award, which is new to TCZ this month, is given to members who remain active, keep a consistently positive attitude on the site, and show that they genuinely care about the other members of the site. This member has done all of those things since joining TCZ.

Please join me in congratulating @rigo tovar on becoming the first ever TCZ Member of The Month!

Rigo joined TCZ in September, 2013 and has been a positive influence on the site ever since. In fact, some of Rigo's first activities when joining TCZ was getting involved in our Pay it Forward thread. You can see some of Rigo's generosity in action, right now, in his guess the number (football edition) contest where he's giving away free cards just for picking a number!

Rigo has been an active, posting, member of the community since he joined. He's also taken part in group breaks, our PC club, promotions, and given some valuable time to some of TCZ's behind the scenes projects.

Rigo, congratulations on receiving this award. It is very well deserved!