Me and my friend split a box of Chrome, scans of my cards.


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Ok my friends new to collecting and he wanted to bust a product so I suggested we split a box of Chrome since it's cheap (35 each) and you get a lot of rookies and stuff. We were debating about who gets the Box Topper, and he wouldn't do a coin flip because he said he "always loses". So I said ok if the card is an AFC player, I get it. If it's NFC he gets it. He finally accepts and here was the topper:


Darrelle Revis #'d 098/139

Being a Jets fan, I was excited, here's the other stuff I got:

Marvin Harrison League Leaders
Joseph Addai
Torry Holt
Julius Jones

Thomas Clayton (49ers)
Gaines Adams
Ted Ginn Jr.
Scott Chandler
Selvin Young

Rookie Refractor:
David Clowney

Rookie White Refractor #'d /869:
Rufus Alexander

And, I got the Auto:


Thanks for looking, let me know if anyone needs anything.
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You made out like a bandit! I would have waited on the box topper. You and your buddy rip packs, whoever didn't get the auto should have gotten the box topper.


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Interesting thing to point out, that peice of grass looking thing by the 2 in the Revis card is actually in the case. I dunno how the hell that got in there?:(