Hockey McDonalds Hockey Cards Are HERE!!!


Bench Warmer
Today the Mcds hockey cards came out , i got 10 packs and i have to say the Cards look Very Very Nice!! ... only problem is quality control on the same cards over and over ... in only 10 packs = 30 cards , i allready have 12 Doubles !!!!! that is totally insane , almost every card i got, i got a double for ... not very good ... the INSERT cards i got were

SuperStar Spotlight - Dany Heatley
Season in Review - Mats Sundin
In The Crease - Martin Brodeur

There Are 4 Insert Sets

Pride of Canada ( 6 Cards ) - 1:15
SuperStar Spotlight ( 10 cards ) - 1:15 Packs
Season In Review ( 6 Cards ) - 1:15 Packs
In The Crease ( 6 Cards ) - 1:15 Packs

Also there are 6 checklist cards , you get 1 in every pack.

If you Buy Mcdonalds Hockey Cards , Post here If you get anything Interesting!

I Hope i Pull a Jersey or Patch Card :) ... ive only ever Pulled one Mcds Jersey card and that was the year they had the biggest odds of Pulling one ... 1:12,000 ... i believe its 1:1000 to pull a Auto/Jersey or Patch This YEAR ... but if anyone knows for sure , you can post below! :)

I better get on over to the McDonald farm and get some, The odds of pulling a GU and auto are like finding a needle in their haystack;)
I got my first 10 packs today too. Very nice looking cards!!!
Do anyone know why there's no cards of Crosby??

BTW' it's just in Canada

I was only able to buy 3 packs. Girl told me 1 per item, and all I got was a 1/4 cheese combo. Need to find one with no limit. These are extremely nice looking cards. I was lucky enough to pull an insert out of the 3 packs. Odds were 1:15 packs, so not bad, and it was my boy Rick Nash "Pride of Canada"
Hey, Guess what I am going to canada today! I will be there for 3 days because I am visiting realatives.....PM me if anyone who lives in american wants some I will pick up a buch........