Maybe I was wrong about Strahan...


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The new GM Jerry Reese is kind of being a dick. He is giving Strahan zero respect, will not even talk to him about altering his contract and is making comments as if Strahan is not even on the team anymore. This is not the best way to start off your career as a GM by forcing a Hall of Famer off the team. See quote from Reese below. It is almost as if he is happy about this.

"This is the NFL," said Reese. "You re-shuffle, play the hand you have, and you make it work. We will move forward. We have a short list of defensive ends that we will get on right away. We will bring some people in…I am not sure (if Kiwanuka would be moved back to defensive end). We will see what the coaches want to do. That is up to the coaches. They can do what they want to do with that."


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Reading even further into this Strahan is an absolute jerk. That article I posted above says it all. Why would you possibly wait to do this until now? Does he really think at 36 he deserves the money that much younger and healthier players are getting at DE? How much respect do you have for this organization that has made you a millionaire? How much respect do you have for your teammates that you could just leave them out to dry like this on the eve of training camp? How about doing this befor ethe draft so they could cut you and draft someone or not move Kiwi to LB????



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From what Ive heard its not really about the money. He doesn't feel the Giants are going where they should be and he can make more money in broadcasting. Why would he want to make less to play for a losing team. He even told the Giants this a few months ago.

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Strahan will be off the team next year, so Reese is going to play hardball.

With Tiki gone, getting rid of Strahan will go a long ways towards changing the culture of the team. One of Accorsi's biggest failures is allowing the culture of selfishness to pervade the Giant's clubhouse. Fassel was thrown under the bus, and then Coughlin was brought in to clean up the mess with his false tough guy act. But the players are still running the show. Eventually, guys like Strahan, Shockey, and Burress need to either start respecting the coaching staff and not always airing their dirty laundry, or they need to go. Reese is going to see to that. Good for him.