Matt Ryan rc/jersey lot FS/Ft


Bench Warmer
Rc lot FS/Ft Id rather Trade all these for 1 good auto if not Ill just sell on ebay or something.

Topps Chrome
Topps Chrome Refractor looks like xfractor?
Topps Finest refractor /699
Press Pass Legends Rainbow Base/Bronze/999,Silver/499,Gold/99,Emerald/25
Gridiron Kings Donruss
Topps Rookie Progression
Topps Rookie Progression Gold /199
UD Draft College greats
Ud Draft
UD Heroes
upper Deck
UD Draft Stars of the Draft
Press Pass
Press Pass Foil

Upper Deck Gold /350
Leaf Rookies and Stars studio Rc
War Room Absolute /50 2 color slight 3 color

Huge BV here Not looking to break up this lot. I could get a Total BV if needed


here are two random cards Im trying to sell or trade at the moment too

Eli Manning dual jersey Gridiron Kings /250 Donruss Threads
Eli Manning/Brandon Jacobs/Buress Triple 2 color in 2 of the 3 /50 Elite Teams

PM me or post here thanks