Mark (Avsbruins65) Introduction


Bench Warmer
Hello to all fellow collectors, my name is Mark and I am originally from Rhode Island. After serving in the US Army for 22 years I am now a Department of the Army civilian working on Fort Carson Colorado, living in Colorado Springs. Growing up I followed the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Nordiques and Celtics. Been a fan of these teams since my early years and since there move to Denver in 1995 I am a Avalanche fan. Still follow the Pats, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. I am a member of many collecting boards and frequent them when time permits. I have been trading and buying cards since 1974 and have over 60,000 cards available for trade or sale. One of these days I will completely catalog them. I have been on eBay for many years and have a feedback rating of 2133/100%. When I trade I always package the cards in a penny sleeve, top loader and team bag, (size permitting). I also ship in a bubble envelope. I consider myself a honorable trader and someone who can be counted on to complete any trade.

My player collecting interest


Jason Pominville, Ray Bourque, Jeff Odgers, Ian Laperriere, Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Cam Neely, Bobby Orr


Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk


My team focus are cards for the Avalanche, Bruins and Red Sox. Mostly base and inserts, but will aquire GU and autographs.


My main set focus is the Upper Deck the Cup cards when I can find them.
2006-07 Be A Player Hockey Signature Portraits 8x10 autograph set. Consisting of Single, dual, triple and quad. I have 92/94 for the single set. Need Kari Lehtonen and Sidney Crosby.


1965-66 Topps
1964-65 Topps
1965-66 Coca Cola


Ultimate Hockey Card Catalog: 2564/14895 and counting, Would like to have one card for every hockey card set, insert, parallel, minor and European set made.

Autograph Cards

autographs from the stars of the leagues to 4th liners, career back up goalies and non Sports autographs.

Minor collectable interests


Bobble Heads, Starting Lineup, Corinthian Headliners, Pro Zone Action figures and McFarlane figures.

Mini helmets or masks:

Pocket Schedules:

Hockey Publications:


Hockey player project:

One card for every player who has at least one card.

Also collect (GRADED) cards when i can find them for good deals to use in the Ultimate Hockey Card catalog.

In closing, thanks for looking at my intro and look forward to trade, chatting and collecting.


Welcome aboard Mark! We're glad to have you. It also looks like on your first day you've found a flaw with the site. Looks like I never properly resized that Avalanche logo when I uploaded it. :LOL: I'll get that fixed, though, as soon as I get home.

Again, welcome to TCZ. If you have any questions, or would like to suggest something for us, feel free to drop me a PM anytime.