Marathons anyone?


Bench Warmer
Has anyone here run a marathon before? Yesterday I signed up to run the Disney Marathon in January. This will be my first one...I have run two 1/2's before.

Any words of wisdom? How crazy/stupid am I? My ultimate goal would be to qualify for Boston...but don't think I can get to that point quite yet.
me only run if there is large fuzzy animal chasing me, which at that time it is required to live.

congrats on signing up for the marathon, but DAYMN

i would start training NOW, move the frige farther and farther away
in High School my friend trained up for the Portland Marathon. He was in good shape and ran into running shape. Later told me after running that beast his body wasn't the same for over a year. Just be prepared. Not natural for us to run that far (unless, as Scrappy says, you have a large fury creature chasing you)