Mailtime!!! 5/23/07


Bench Warmer
A couple of cool ones today!

First a few Branch cards:

2006 Finest Blue X-Fractor #d 26/150

2002 Absolute RC #d 848/1500

2002 Donruss Elite RC #d 325/400

2006 Donruss Elite Aspirations Blue #d 8/17

Then the others!!!

2005 Longevity Matt Hasselbeck Emerald 2 color jersey #d 36/50!

2006 National Treasures Kelly Jennings RC Au #d 32/200 (Ebay steal for 1.99....corners a little effed)

2006 Playoff Contenders Darryl Tapp Yellow Plate 1/1 (The plate is really yellow. My scanner is retarded and scanned this and the Jennings in black&white)

2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp Magenta Plate 1/1 (my 2nd one!)

To end the Seahawks....another notch in the Bowman Chrome sets:

2006 Bowman Chrome Ben Obomanu Orange Refractor #d 16/25 PSA 9. Big up to Gene for pointing it out to me. Sadly, I have to either crack it out of the case or get all my Chromes slabbed. I think I'll be busting this one out.

A little more left in the next post....


Bench Warmer
3 more cards un-seahawk related:

2005 UD Legends Carlos Rogers RC Jersey (toss in on a trade)

2005-2006? Sp Authentic Ray allen auto

2005 Elite Passing the Torch Eric Dickerson auto #d 85/100

Thanks for looking all!!!!:cool: