Mailday. W/ Letterman .. .Not Beck


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Well got a 2 things in from ebay. One was a beck lot ... Think this puts me over 90..Micha will try to scan so you can see them all soon . Been busy:D
anyhow ....

and got this letterman as a very cheep price so i bit it is for trade. not sure what i would want but here it is.

lmk what you think


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i had no clue who the letter was...

when is beck going to start?...cleo hasnt done anything, miami is horrible, and they are coming off their bye


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Letterman is Zach Miller

As for Beck he may play sunday if Cleo Sucks bad. I think Cam Doesnt wana throw him into the fire yet. But when He does he will be fine. I hops soon but not too soon. Wana get more of his stuff 1st:cheers: