Mailday- Freebies, trade, ebay, and a Emmy


Bench Warmer
First a big thank up to metallikat87 for these Freebies

George 03 Topps Chrome Black Refractor (154/599)
Krenzel Big #ers
T. Smith 07 Topps DP&P RC and Black Chrome RC
Gamble 04 Prestige RC

Then trade stuff and stuff from ebay

Krenzel 04 Leaf R&S Longevity (451/499)
Krenzel 04 Sage Hit Silver Q&A (GOT THIS FROM Welker83 in our trade)
Krenzel Topps RC
Krenzel 06 Heritage Black Back
Carpenter Playoff RC
Griffin/Cassady/George Award Winners (943/1000)
Cassady Award Winner (907/1000)
Clarett Bowman Chrome RC
Jenkins Topps RC


Mangold SPA RC (696/750)
Schlegel Leaf Limited RC (170/299)
Well 02 Honors RC (223/1000)
Holmes ROY (377/1000)
Holmes Playoff RC
Glenn Turkey Red RED
Doss Finest, Prestige, Bowman RC's


Nugent 05 Leaf R&S Longevity RC (4/50)
Nugent 05 Leaf R&S Longevity RC (46/999)
Nugent Bowman Chrome RC
Fox Bowman Chrome RC
Whitner Playoff RC
Whitner Playoff PRoof RC (23/250)
Hawk ROY (958/1000)
Hawk Playoff RC
Gamble Finest RC

And also this
06 LCM Emerald Bobby Carpenter (5/5)
very nice stuff buddy. I think maybe it you I picked up a certain card for. I couldn't figure out why I had bought a specific card, now I know why.:salut:
glad you got it . i got yours today too thanks alot just wish i sent more. but saw you were in the CCG and said i 'd wait and keep building a lot for you ;)