Made it to ROUND 2 & want all Football/Basketball GONE!!!


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Hey everybody! I'm looking to continue my winning ways & spark some new people to trade with me. I'm espicially looking to trade my hockey/ football/ basketball cards for ANY BASEBALL (# 'ed/GU/AU/Inserts/EVEN SOME BASE). LMK what I can do for you to make this happen!


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hornsfan92 said:
no baseball but i do have some interest in the marques hagans bowman chrome auto..lmk what you need for that..thanks

I liked a few of your basketball AU's, espicially that Josh Howard.

parep2001 said:
i like the kobe and the lebron james rookie lmk if you see anything
Liking the Wallace/Hamilton dual GU /299


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chipsfootball1 said:
i prolly have over 500 base cards lmk what ull give me for like 10 base of stars or semi stars
I probably don't have that in my small collection & I don't think it's worth trading for.

Johan Santana #57

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Zack, I like this card

Dee Brown Reflection RC BV 10

I could trade you a Baseball GU for it, maybe a jim thome playoff honors jersey /250 or a chavez piece of the game bat /150 (I think)