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I haven't ever done a contest before so I figure this one might be fun. As most know Vince Young is on the cover of Madden this year. This contest is for you guys/gals to guess a week that he will get hurt or guess that he will be the first one to beat the curse. Obviously this contest will be a first come first serve basis since there can only be one person per week and then the choice of him not getting hurt. So the first 17 are in.

Winner will get a nice little team package that I will put together nothing extravagant but you will get some nice cards and a jersey, maybe an auto.

Good Luck, I will make the final posting when all spots are taken. BTW, Ten has their bye week at week 4.



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I'll go week 5, but you might need to be more specific about what counts as 'the madden curse' A nagging foot injury? A concussion? Does it have to be season ending?


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Getting hurt is not what the Madden curse is about. Its about a bad year. He'll have one but no serious injury.


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I am going by injury for the contest considering the majority of the Madden Curse players have been plagued by injury more than just having a bad season.

Here is what we have so far

Poopy Pants - Won't get hurt
Hoosierdaddy- Week 1
Zeeck - Week 2
Ernieren - Week 3
LionRyan - Week 5
Kennyboy5150 - Week 6
Sffanmike25- Week 7
DeputyJaay - Week 8
Lionsfanatic80- Week 9
Oregonweim- Week 10
Phileagles - Week 11
busyb85 - Week 12
Andy - Week 13
SunDevil4Life - Week 14
T.J.- Week 15
Chadjacksonfan- week 16
Seahawklady - Week 17
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