Looking for promo cards (any sport)


Transactions: 19
would like to start trading again, and really like promo cards...any sport or even non sports is ok...let me know what you have and what you are looking for...thanks
Saw that you are looking for promo cards and I have a few non sports.
94 action packed Santa claus#SC2
94 nfl properties Santa Claus C.L.
94 classic proline live Santa Claus (quarterback)(D25)
94 ultra Christmas greetings from fleer
94 ud Santa Claus quarterback
94 collectors edge Christmas present
94 pacific Santa claus
94 playoff coach claus and da deers
94 stadium club #25 Santa claus
94 sportflics Santa claus hologram
93 collectors edge silver prizm John elway #E#008847
Big interest in the 93 stadium club Brett favre insert !