Looking for John Ferguson


Bench Warmer
I am looking for just about all John Ferguson cards, RC, GU, Autos, I have a good quantity of cards to trade with, if not, I am also willing to buy.
Thank you
Hey Dan! Not sure if your interested in signed pucks, and 8X10's, but I was at Frozen Pond yesterday, and was looking at their stuff, and I commented to the owner the prices on Ferguson were pretty low considering his death, and all. They are the biggest, and most reliable memorabilia dealers in the world, and licensed by the NHL, and NHLPA. Just went to Ovechkin signing a couple weeks ago there, and Steve Thomas was yesterday. They have Paul Henderson, and Jaromir Jagr up next. Anyways, here is a link to Ferguson items, and they have all the Habs you collect if you search the site. I may get an 8X10, or puck myself, before they go up (Ferguson)

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Here's a pic of him a few months before he died. He looked in very bad shape when I took this pic. This was from the 40th Leafs Anniversary Dinner celebrating the Stanley Cup win in 67. :eek: I also have one of Beliveau for you. I'll see if I can find it. The guy with his back to the camera is Denis Hull.