Looking for Ian Anderson


Bench Warmer

TP19Bowman's Best Top Prospects Refractors
20163Elite Extra Edition Autographs
2017BDC156Bowman Chrome Draft
2017BDC156Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors
2017BCP232Bowman Chrome Mini Prospects
2017BCP232Bowman Chrome Prospects
2017BCP232Bowman Chrome Prospects Blue Shimmer Refractors
2017BD156Bowman Draft
2017BD156Bowman Draft Silver
2017TPIABowman Platinum Top Prospects
201769USA Baseball Stars and Stripes
201769USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Longevity Parallel
2018BDC183Bowman Chrome Draft
2018BDC183Bowman Chrome Draft Asia Refractor
2018BDC183Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractors
2018BDC183Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors
2018BDC183Bowman Chrome Draft Sky Blue Refractors
2018BCP83Bowman Chrome Mega Box Prospects Refractors
2018BCP83Bowman Chrome Prospects
2018BTP35Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100
2018BD183Bowman Draft
2018BD183Bowman Draft Purple
2018BD183Bowman Draft Sky Blue
2018BP83Bowman Prospects
2018BP83Bowman Prospects Blue
2018BP83Bowman Prospects Sky Blue
2018BP83Bowman Prospects Camo
201868Topps Heritage Minors
201884Topps Pro Debut
2019B30IABowman Chrome 30th Anniversary
2019BDC185Bowman Chrome Draft
2019BDC185Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors
2019BCP47Bowman Chrome Mega Box Prospects Refractors
2019BCP47Bowman Chrome Prospects
2019BCP47Bowman Chrome Prospects Atomic Refractors
2019BTP25Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100
2019TPATLBowman Chrome Talent Pipeline w/Riley/Contreras
2019BD185Bowman Draft
201953CP61Bowman Heritage Chrome Prospects
2019BP47Bowman Prospects
2019BP47Bowman Prospects Camo
2019BPR27Bowman Sterling Prospects
2019BPR27Bowman Sterling Prospects Speckle Refractors
2019152Topps Heritage Minors
201949Topps Pro Debut
202090BIABowman Chrome '90 Bowman
2020BCP97Bowman Chrome Prospects
2020BCP97Bowman Chrome Prospects Atomic Refractors
2020BTP24Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100
2020TPATLBowman Chrome Talent Pipeline w/Shewmake/Langeliers
2020BFE97Bowman 1st Edition
202092CPIABowman Heritage Chrome Prospects
2020BHP97Bowman Heritage Prospects
2020BP97Bowman Prospects
2020BP97Bowman Prospects Camo
2020BP97Bowman Prospects Yellow
2020139Panini Prizm Draft Picks
2020139Panini Prizm Draft Picks Prizms Green Pulsar
2020139Panini Prizm Draft Picks Prizms Silver
20205Panini Prizm Warming in the Pen
202021Topps Heritage Minors
202031Topps 206 Wave 3
2020PD16Topps Pro Debut
2020PD16Topps Pro Debut Orange
2020RFFIATopps Pro Debut Ready for Flight
2020RFFIATopps Pro Debut Ready for Flight Green
2021RTDIAAbsolute Rookie Threads Duals w/David Peterson
2021RTIAAbsolute Rookie Threads Green
202127Bowman RC
202127Bowman Blue
202127Bowman Neon Green
202176Bowman Chrome
2021RRYIABowman Chrome Mega Box Rookie of the Year Favorites Refractors
2021BTP39Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 Refractors
20213Bowman Platinum RC
20213Bowman Platinum Ice Foil
202124Clearly Donruss RR RC
202133Diamond Kings RC
202133Diamond Kings Artist Proof Blue
2021DKM-IADiamond Kings DK Materials
202147Donruss RR
202147Donruss Holo Red RR
202147Donruss Holo Purple RR
202187MIADonruss Retro '87 Materials
202187SIADonruss Retro '87 Signatures
202147Donruss Optic Pink Velocity RR
2021RRS-IADonruss Optic Rated Rookies Signatures Purple
202147Donruss Optic Red White and Blue RR
202145Finest RC
2021FRDIAFinest Rookie Design Variations Gold Refractors
20217Panini Clear Vision RC
2021RTJ-JAPanini Contenders Rookie Ticket Jerseys
202122Panini Crusade RC
202122Panini Crusade Holo
2021USA4Panini Father's Day USA Baseball Escher Squares
20212Panini Gold Standard RC
2021264Panini Mosaic RC
20217Panini Mosaic Debuts
20217Panini Mosaic Debuts Mosaic
20217Panini Mosaic Debuts Mosaic Green
2021264Panini Mosaic Mosaic Pink Camo
2021264Panini Mosaic Mosaic Reactive Red
2021RAM-IAPanini Mosaic Rookie Autographs Mosaic
20217Panini Mosaic Rookie Debut
202160Panini Obsidian RC
202114Panini Overdrive RC
202114Panini Overdrive Pink Pulsar
202182Panini Prizm RC
202182Panini Prizm Prizms Red White and Blue
2021RC24Panini Prizm Rookie Class
20213Pinnacle RC
20215Select Sensations
2021203Stadium Club RC
2021203Stadium Club Black Foil
2021203Stadium Club Red Foil
2021203Stadium Club Chrome RC
2021CB19Stadium Club Chrome Crystal Ball Wave Refractors
202113Timeless Treasures RC
2021239Topps RC
2021239Topps Gold Foil
2021149Topps Allen and Ginter RC
2021AGAIATopps Allen and Ginter Relics
2021149Topps Allen and Ginter Mini
2021149Topps Allen and Ginter Mini A and G Back
2021149Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Black Border
2021MRD15Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Rookie Design Variations
202181Topps Archives RC
20215Topps Brooklyn Collection Chartreuse
20216Topps Chrome RC
20216Topps Chrome Black & White Mini Diamond Refractor
20216Topps Chrome Prism Refractors
20216Topps Chrome Refractors
20216Topps Chrome X-fractors
202184Topps Fire RC
202184Topps Fire Gold Minted
20219Topps Gallery
20219Topps Gallery Rainbow Foil
2021NW12Topps Gallery Next Wave
202165Topps Gold Label Class 1 RC
202165Topps Gold Label Class 2 RC
202165Topps Gold Label Class 3 Red
2021226Topps Gypsy Queen RC
2021226Topps Gypsy Queen Green
2021226Topps Gypsy Queen Chrome Box Toppers
2021325Topps Heritage
2021320Topps Heritage Chrome Blue Sparkle w/Garcia/Javier
2021320Topps Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors w/Garcia/Javier
202121Topps Heritage Minors
2021NAP18Topps Heritage New Age Performers
202127Topps Inception RC
2021100Topps Museum Collection
2021125Topps Opening Day RC
2021239Topps Walgreens Yellow
2021HW68Topps Walmart Holiday RC
2021239Topps Walmart Royal Blue
2021T657Topps '65 Topps Redux
202186B20Topps '86 Topps Series 2
202186BC43Topps '86 Topps Silver Pack Chrome
202118Topps 206 Wave 4
2021US60Topps Update
2021US60Topps Update Gold
2021T927Topps Update '92 Topps Redux
2021TC927Topps Update '92 Topps Redux Chrome

Have these if you need them.

2021 Chronicles Score 4 Ian Anderson RC
2021 Chronicles Overdrive 14 Ian Anderson RC

Looking for any Rays in return.