Looking for FIRST, LAST and JERSEY NUMBER Serial Numbered cards of ANYONE


Bench Warmer
I am looking for serial numbered cards that are #1/xxxx can be #1/5 or #1/10,000 same with the last number of the run. Jersey number just has to be the players known number or number on the card picture. I would like to try trade with people who have a group of these and I am mostly looking for low end cards and commons. They can be base or cheap inserts or memorabilia or autos. I am not trading high end cards for these, but I can probably trade you something of someone from a team you like or something.


I have the following:
06 Leaf Limited Gold Monikers Darnell Bing s/n 25/25
09 Threads Red Framed AJ Hawk s/n 50/100 (jersey #)
08 Donruss Elite Aspirations Chris Cooley s/n 47/53 (jersey #)
08 Sp Rookie Threads Flashback Fabrics Calvin Johnson s/n 60/60
06 Leaf R & S Longevity Black Andre Hall rc s/n 10/10
04 UD Finite HG Radiance Michael Gaines rc s/n 01/15
08 Contenders Rookie Roll Call Colt Brennan s/n 001/500


Bench Warmer
Young, Vince 2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars Gold Stars Materials 250/250 Titans

looking for a Gore Rookie i dont have in return,thanks.