Looking for baseball commons and minor stars from...


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I am looking for commons and minor stars in the following years/makes:

1988 Fleer

1985-1989 Fleer Star Stickers

Mid 80's - late 80's Toys R Us cards

Mid 80's - late 80's traded/update commons (Topps Traded, Score Update, Fleer Update)

I'd be happy to trade sets of older commons (1970's) or baseball, basketball, or football cards. Most of my cards that I am trading are older 70's and 80's.


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i should have tons of that stuff i put all those in 1000 count boxes plus i have 88 fleer, toys r us stuff, and the traded /update commons how many do u want
plus i have scans of pucket in one of my buckets and have m schmidt and rose cards will be scanned in by next week if i dont already have them in tyhere let me know



plus these 3


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The top cards I am looking for would actually be 1988 Fleer Update. It is probably my favorite year of card (they look great with autographs too). I do like the cards you pictured above.

The Toys R Us cards are ones my kids like.

I always liked the star stickers b/c they were unique even though they don't have a whole lot of value.

I get home tomorrow (Monday) and will look through some of my cards.


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i found some of the toys r us cards and i am still looking but do u have a pic of some the star stickers i think i know what kind ur talking about took a pick to see if im right will post latertoday and will see if i have fleer update which i believe i do dont know how many but i will see and i am pulling the schmidt cards and rose cards out as well just let me know thanks


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i have some like these let me know





plus schmidt and rose in the third bucket let me know thanks


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I have these from 1988 Fleer:

20 35 112 123 180 200 204 229 261 265 284 328 348 356 623 646

And this one:

1988 30 Topps Toys R Us Terry Steinbach