lol TCC cracks me up...


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Theres this "Rookie Collection Contest" where they put 2 collections against another and the members of the site vote. Well the one who made the contest is a Marshawn Lynch collector, he is also a very big baby. he was getting blown out by a Drew Stanton collector and recruited members from a Buffalo Bills Message Board to get him votes and tie it up.

Look how immature he acts, lol.


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I have an account there, have never posted... but I was able to vote.... may comment and tell him what a complete and utter loser he is.:cheers:


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Didn't even look at the collections but I voted for Stanton so I can hear him whine some more...

This is what I posted

I voted for Stanton....

Because Drew starts with a D and Marshawn starts with an M....

Alphabetical order FTW!

And I don't like the fact you went to the Bills message board to get votes....
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I fished up his thread on the Buffalo Bills message board:


He said all the people that registered at said they were collectors on the bills board, but none of them say that at all. i just find all of this hilarious and it's helping me kill time today while i wait to go to work.