Live Break!!!!!


Collector Planet Original
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Bought a T Stubbs Exquisite on eBay. Seller included a free pack.

1991 Ultra

14 cards.

Will start as soon as I can calm down from the excitement.



Collector Planet Original
Transactions: 2
Ricky Watters RC!!!! (not numbered)

Emmitt Smith Performances insert!!!! 1 of 10!!!!

Marcus Allen base!!!!

Packers QB!!! Anthony Dilweg!!!! Major Pull!!!

Don Beebe "An amazing speedster, Don has run the 40 yard dash in 4.32 seconds" Wow!!!!!!!!

Ray Childress !!! 276 pounds of Southern Fried Sexiness!!! Major hunk!!!

Steve Atwater!!! Loved watching him in late 90s!!!

Steve Deberg!! Over 28,000 passing yards!!!

Lewis Billups!!! Who dey!!!

Marion Butts!!!

gary Anderson !!! A White African American!!!! Born in South Africa and looks Irish!!!!

Brian Blades!!! Boo!!! Seahawk!!!!

neal Anderson!!!! My first ever favorite football player!!!

Darrell Green!!! Super pull!!!


Bench Warmer
Well....going to say that you did pretty well on that pack. Was only 6 when that came out, but have heard of all but one of those players (can you guess who?).