lions rc's

Bailey, Boss 2003 Topps All American #103 RC
Calhoun, Brian 2006 Ultra #219 RC
Harrington, Joey 2002 Adrenaline RC #94
Harrington, Joey 2002 Topps
McMahon, Mike 2001 Upper Deck Star Rookie #238 RC
Moore, Herman 1998 Playoff Contenders MVP #31
Morton, Johnnie 2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game #127 (#'d 51/98)
O’Sullivan, JT 2002 SAGE HIT AU #H14 (AUTOGRAPH)
Savoy, Steve 2005 SPx #144 (#'d 596/1199) RC
Williams, Mike 2005 Press Pass Reflectors #R30 (#'d 103/500)
Williams, Mike 2005 Press Pass SE Old School #25
Williams, Mike 2005 Press Pass SE Showbound #8
Williams, Mike 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Prospects #RPMW
Williams, Roy 2004 Press Pass Big Numbers #31
Williams, Roy 2004 Topps #320 RC

also have some Detroit Police sets from 1989 and 1990 with Barry Sanders first printed card...let me know either way,
looking for any former Florida State Seminoles as well as Cade McNown, lawrence Phillips, Curtis Conway, Jim Everett, Scott Mitchell, or Danny Wuerffel as well as Andre Ware and Don Majkowski

Chips I know you put all years but how far are you really wanting back..asking because I don't really want to look through 40 years of cards if your only wanting certain years! thanks