lets trade!!!!


Bench Warmer
lmk what you like

08 stadium club tashard choice auto
09 classics ss josh freeman auto /250
08 press pass se gg matt moore auto
08 stadium club gold kevin smith auto /25
08 classics ss platinum fred davis auto /25
08 leaf r&s holofoil john carlson auto /100
06 contenders laurence maroney auto rc
04 ex anquan boldin auto 3clr patch /81
09 leaf dress 4 success nate davis auto jsy /100
07 finest steve smith auto rc
07 sweet spot steve smith auto rc /799
09 bowman chrome glen coffee auto rc

06 gridiron gear vince young 2clr patch rc /50
06 absolutr tools of the trade reggie white jsy shoe helmet /25


Bench Warmer
its been sent, if ur unhappy return it seriously cuz when i can trade i mail out asap in which might be a few days. relax bud dey coming


if you had given my a dc number we would have been fine but its been over 2 weeks now and nothing on my end. dont want to get into a p***ing match over this, just wanted my cards and a little communication to let me know what is going on