Led Zeppelin reunion tour?!?!?!


Bench Warmer
Someone with Sirius radio just told me a rumor they heard on it today......Led Zeppelin reunion tour, 2008, with the following lineup:

Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones
Jason Bonham



retired hippie
Saw the orginal tour in 72 when they played the Municiple Aut. in
Nashville Best Show I Have EVER SEEN PERIOD, they did what seemed
another hour & 1/2 after the lights were turned on nothing topped it
before nor since. Will not go to the reunion tour, don't want to spoil
the memories.


Not led zepplin without John Bonham.

But close enough, I'll be going if they come within in a thousand miles. :cheers:


Bench Warmer
would have been good in 87 but not 2007, be like watching Jim Brown trying to come back now and play running back for the Browns.


Bench Warmer
Were a great band. Should leave it that way.

True... all that... but. I'd go, since I never had a chance when they were the "original" Led Zep. Was pretty much a kid when they first started, and a :rambo: punk when they made their last hurrah.

Seriously, if I could afford it, I'd go. One of the few old dinosaur bands I'd want to see on a tour like that. Unfortunately, the tix would be cost more than my entire football card collection, so it would not likely happen.



Bench Warmer
Never seen Led Zeppelin, or any of my other favorite bands/musicians (with the exceptions of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band and John Fogerty). Would love to see them in concert, just to see them in concert. I'd be willing to bet it'd still be kick ass:cheers: