Hockey Leclaire had another shutout last night


Bench Warmer
Has there ever been a goalie start the season this hit or miss.

I think that is 5 shutouts already for the year ,Every win has been a shutout


Bench Warmer
Pretty weird start.... He is 4-2
In the 4 wins....He is 0.00GAA, 100 Save%, 4 Shutouts, 117/117 Saves
against - StL, Buf, Pho, Ana
In the 2 loses...He is 4.00GAA, .818 Save%, 0 Shutouts, 36/44 Saves
against - Van, Col

Granted he is kicking some butt with the shutouts (and helping 2 of my fantasy hockey teams :)), but like PIMPMYRIDEBRO said, its a hit/miss when they play....