Lebron GU/Auto for HIGH END Baseball


Bench Warmer
I'm putting this Lebron available for trade...I'm in no hurry and would only like to get equal value 1 for 1, 2 cards max or cold hard cash :).

Looking for players with these names - Pujols, Jeter, Lincecum (rc chrome au), Crosby, Gretzky, Dimaggio, O' Malley :)

Feel free to post scans of your offer here or send offers...looking at buckets too.

Thanks guys!

Disclaimer: Not accepting offers that don't include Auto's from the above list or comparable top tier players.



Bench Warmer
its in my bucket....its a premier penmanship on card auto...sells around 100-110.....id add to it ...

my bucket link is in my sig...all my stuff is on the front page