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Leaf Metal Draft Tom Brady: To Sell or Not To Sell


TP9 | VC15
Recently a Twitter user called out Leaf Trading Cards for a Tom Brady card that, most would probably say, appeared to be tampered with. Evidently the guy was trying to sell the card and was having trouble because people kept assuming he'd tampered with it. The card is numbered 2/5, but it's clear that it also used to be numbered /25. Looks to me like a 13 or 15, but that's really irrelevant. Now, I'm not sure why anyone would want to change the numbering on a Tom Brady auto that's already numbered /25 anyways, but I'm sure it's been tried.

Leaf Trading Cards confirmed on Twitter that the card was legit. I guess only 5 of the cards got signed, re-printing wasn't an option, so they instead put white foil over the old numbering and stamped it again with the new numbering. So, yeah, the card is legit and Leaf's checklist verifies the correct numbering, which is /5.

Now Leaf's CEO, Brian Gray, is offering anyone who has the card, and isn't happy with it, a $325 price tag to buy it back. If you have one you want to sell, you can email him directly at to sell.

So, now my question is, what would you do? Would you keep the card, try to sell it elsewhere, or sell it back to Leaf for the $325?

I, personally, would probably sell it. I don't have a Tom Brady auto, and I wouldn't mind having one, but I'd have to sell this one simply because I wouldn't be able to handle having a card that had an obvious defect (for lack of a better word). Not to say I'd be taking Leaf up on their offer because it's possible someone would pay more for it, but it's definitely not a card I'd be able to keep, unfortunately. Don't worry @bajmurray, I would offer it to you before selling it too. ;)

Here's the card:


If you would like to buy this card, here it is on eBay:

Pretty sure you won't get it on eBay for less than $325, though. ;)


Old School Vintage
I would sell it back to leaf, heck for $325 I'd sell any card to someone. If the card is worth more I'd sell it for more.

I personally would never BUY a card at that price. I can rarely justify anything over $50. Vintage cards sure I can justify some of them up to about $100 and some of those rare pricey gems maybe more, but for any card from say 1980 to today they are lucky if I buy for up to $20.

So yeah I'm a cheap date ladies and gents.:D


One would think they could have renumbered it so you couldn't see the old one, as they are a card manufacturer (unlicensed granted but that makes no difference). But I"m not a fan of Leaf, and this kind of thing reinforces that, so not a decision I would have to make as can't pull something if I don't buy the product to begin with ;) lol


TP9 | VC15
Good point, Dwight. I probably would never pull this card for myself either. I guess the only way I could end up with it is if I were to join a random team group break and end up with the Pats. That isn't too likely to happen either since I usually don't join if I can't get my Cowboys. Nothing against Leaf, personally, for me other I just don't like the look of the unlicensed products. Like sliq said, if the logo is brushed out, I'm not going to want it anyways.


Granted can't believe everything you see on the Net, but there has been some questions over authenticity of some of their stuff over the years. But as I said who knows what to believe. I used to buy some In The Game products that I liked even though they were unlicensed Hockey product (but it was pick and choose and not anything of theirs), but when Leaf bought them out they turned the products into a Parallel "Heck" (Metal there must be at least 15 different variants of the same Modano AU card), which has caused me to switch to not picking up unlicensed product period for my Modano PC (unless it is almost being given away, and even then I will never own all of his cards so I will just stick to the licensed products to pursue and that will keep me busy the rest of my life).