LCM Reggie Bush RC Auto GU /25 for Trade/Sale!!!


Bench Warmer
I still have not been able to find a buyer for my Leaf Certified Materials Gold Reggie Bush RC Auto Quad-GU /25 yet, so I am still trying to shop it around. I am mainly looking to sell (trying to get some extra money to buy a new guitar), but I may be interested in doing a trade/sale if a nice Adrian Peterson RC would be involved. I am looking for around $400-500 if just selling the card. It currently books at $800, and compared to the other Gold versions and even the Emerald versions, this one has 2 of the best looking GU pieces out of all of them. The jersey patch is 3-colors with stitching, and the helmet piece appears to be the tip of the saints logo. None of the other low-numbered versions of this card can even compare to how nice this one looks in my opinion. I am interested in hearing any serious offers, so please PM me if you would be interested in this one. Thanks!

TeamKansas said:
Interested in a $$/trade deal?? LMK if you see anything on my page you can use in addition to some $$. Thanks, Joe

Sorry, didn't see anything I could use. Mainly looking for a nice Adrian Peterson Auto in a cash/trade deal. Thanks anyways!