Late to the party...


..but here I am anyway. And I brought wine! :LOL:

I'm generally a collector of vintage cards but I do have some contemporary ones as well. I do like the Allen & Ginter issues, for example. Other stuff worth knowing:

I'm older than most of you.... almost 60. I have a couple of blogs I try to updates every day or two. I invite you to check them out. Links in my sig. Over in the sidebar of each of them are links to pages that show what I collect, my favorite cards and such. But in short I am interested in Oriole, BALTIMORE Colt and New York Ranger cards, publications and 'stuff', as well as vintage tobacco and Japanese menko and bromide baseball 'cards'.

I'm a fan of the teams you see below as well as the University of Houston and Man U.

I've run a fantasy football league that's entering it's 33rd season and I collect presidential campaign buttons but that's another story.


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Better late than never, Bob, and bringing the wine definitely earns you some brownie points (as if you needed any). Very cool that you collect that "stuff" from your teams. I actually collect "stuff" too, but usually only if it's Dallas Cowboys'. You know, THE football team in Texas. :LOL:

Is your fantasy league just baseball, or football, or do you do all sports? I've got a few friends who play fantasy football together, but I've never really gotten into it myself.

Oh, and welcome to TCZ. ;)


Mike, it's football only. Many of the guys have been in it since the beginning, or close to it. We've known each other since our college days way back when so it's a good way to keep in touch.

I won't hold your Cowboy-ishness against you. Have you tried therapy? :flapper:

And as for 'stuff'. Well, I have a bit of everything in my collections. Bobbleheads, hardback books, pin-back buttons, team postcards, pennants, ticket stubs, you name it.

Oh, and I am trying fantasy baseball for the first time this year. I thought it would be a good way to 'force' me to get back into following MLB closely. I found out it's waaaay too much like a job. I'm not sure how guys with multiple leagues can keep up.