Late to the party...


Bench Warmer
..but here I am anyway. And I brought wine! :LOL:

I'm generally a collector of vintage cards but I do have some contemporary ones as well. I do like the Allen & Ginter issues, for example. Other stuff worth knowing:

I'm older than most of you.... almost 60. I have a couple of blogs I try to updates every day or two. I invite you to check them out. Links in my sig. Over in the sidebar of each of them are links to pages that show what I collect, my favorite cards and such. But in short I am interested in Oriole, BALTIMORE Colt and New York Ranger cards, publications and 'stuff', as well as vintage tobacco and Japanese menko and bromide baseball 'cards'.

I'm a fan of the teams you see below as well as the University of Houston and Man U.

I've run a fantasy football league that's entering it's 33rd season and I collect presidential campaign buttons but that's another story.
Better late than never, Bob, and bringing the wine definitely earns you some brownie points (as if you needed any). Very cool that you collect that "stuff" from your teams. I actually collect "stuff" too, but usually only if it's Dallas Cowboys'. You know, THE football team in Texas. :LOL:

Is your fantasy league just baseball, or football, or do you do all sports? I've got a few friends who play fantasy football together, but I've never really gotten into it myself.

Oh, and welcome to TCZ. ;)
Mike, it's football only. Many of the guys have been in it since the beginning, or close to it. We've known each other since our college days way back when so it's a good way to keep in touch.

I won't hold your Cowboy-ishness against you. Have you tried therapy? :flapper:

And as for 'stuff'. Well, I have a bit of everything in my collections. Bobbleheads, hardback books, pin-back buttons, team postcards, pennants, ticket stubs, you name it.

Oh, and I am trying fantasy baseball for the first time this year. I thought it would be a good way to 'force' me to get back into following MLB closely. I found out it's waaaay too much like a job. I'm not sure how guys with multiple leagues can keep up.