Last chance to get em, before EBAY....


Bench Warmer
I am having a streak of bad luck with trading so I am taking a break for a year or so.....everything in my Trade bucket is FS, some at half BV , LMK, Thx


Bench Warmer
Any interest in any of these Colts:
2009 Anthony Gonzalez GU Career Best
2007 Artifacts Marvin Harrison GU 22/75
2007 Rookies and Stars Marvin Harrison GU 153/250
2008 Prestigious Pros Marvin Harrison GU 100/100
2009 UD Football Heroes Marvin Harrison GU 104/150

2007 Rookies and Stars Reggie Wayne GU 26/250
2007 Leaf Certified Reggie Wayne GU 33/50

2006 Bowman Joseph Addai Autograph RC 120/199 (Harder to get, but on the block for trading)
2007 Threads Joseph Addai GU 122/250
2010 Prestige Joseph Addai GU Patch 2-color 6/50

Let me know, would be looking for Bears, Vikings and Lions.