Laptop battery question


Bench Warmer
The battery on my laptop will not charge when I plug it in most of the time. No clue what's going on with it, but every now and then it will actually charge.....anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Poopy Pants

Seriously, I went to get a new battery for my laptop a couple weekends ago. It held a charge and everything, but it was swelling and pushing up on my trackpad, which made clicking hard. The guy at the apple store said that batteries generally last for 2-3 years before you should get a new one. He said that they have a limited amount of times it can charge up.


Bench Warmer
They do have a limited number of charge cycles. If the laptop works when it is pulled in then the connection is ok and the battery is/has failed.


The DR Guy
Most likely it's the ac adapter. I have to wrap the cord around my laptop for it to charge for some reason lol.

Looks like some inside cables are broken, when you wrap it around the cables reconnect (really common), the ac adapter is the problem and you need to change it.