Knockout Elminator will Return w/changes


retired hippie
Hi all,

Everyone might want to get thier thinking caps on a little earlier this year as I'm briinging back the contest, with a few changes to make it a bit tougher in one way & a little easier in another way. :dance:

In the past you only had to pick the one game and team each week that you thought would be the game winner, keep guessing right & you kept playing each week. This years version will be "Double Elmination" meaning you can miss once & still be in, that's the easier part. Here's the tougher part, you may only pick each Team once until the playoffs start if you can make it that far. So you might want to print out a schedule for the year & be thinking about some of your early season picks.

As usual the winner will get a custom built card frame. I've thought about asking for a single card donation per player to fill the frame with cards if you guys think thats O.K.

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to send a PM or just make a post.

This IS NOT the entry post I'll get that ready as things get a bit closer.