Kentucky Wildcats PC


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These just came in today

Numbered to 150

Numbered to 50

Numbered to 25

Not a superstar but was great for Kentucky and these are beautiful cards!


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Artose Pinner? Is that the name? Artose?.. I wanna say Artose.. Sweet cards, I like the belly on Robertson :LOL:


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I can't wait to get my hands on some 2012 Product and try to pull some Anthony Davis stuff. I just wish more Kentucky guys were on the same teams. I thought it was cool that Darius Miller got drafted by the Hornets too though(unless they traded his draft rights?). I was surprised to see the Bulls draft Teague. I hated seeing Doron Lamb drop to the second round.


Mr. Baseball
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I agree, I was very happy to see Miller go with Davis. I actually figured Teague would drop because of the slow start that he had last year. They showed the stat that Kentucky has had 14 guys drafted in the past 3 years, that is sick! Hopefully they will come strong next year with the basketball sets, because this year was awful!