Kelly Clarkson and Reba on CMT


Kellys CD dropped today, im not fond of her new song at all, and shes looked like hell the past few times ive seen her on shows, but my mom caught the last half of it the other night and liked it, and last week my sister in law made me download a song from it...

anyways its on CMT Crossroads at 9 central, so 10 e/p tonight

and after Carrie Underwood, shes the idol id like to see in my bed


WOW doesnt look like kelly has missed a meal in months :doh:

maybe i dont want to find her in my bed, not sure i could move her fat @$$ out of the way to make room for me, then again, she could use the exercise

Poopy Pants

Right behind Carrie, I take Katharine:D