Kansas City chiefs ttm successes?


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Current players...I have not. I currently have something out to DAnthony Thomas...so we will see if I ever get it back.

I do have some recent success with former players. Cotton Davidson (actually played for the Dallas Texans but close enough), Pete Beathard, and Steve Bono.


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it takes a while to get back any TTM autographs during the season. I did some Detroit Lions a few years back and I don't think I got anything back until after the Superbowl. why did it take so long? not sure... it's NOT like the Lions were in the playoffs!

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I have had past success with Steve young c/o the forever young foundation. But besides a few fan packs he's the only one.


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I've had a lot of successes...just have to be a little selective. One big name star who is a good signer is Eli Manning.

Speaking of Lions...I recently had a classic Lions success and it only took a couple weeks. Dick LeBeau...wrote to him c/o the Titans and came back fast.