Just off to Wembley............


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Finally my 1st NFL experience at the home of football ;)

Really looking forward to the day. Off in 5 mins and 1st beer in 90 mins. Wife is prepared to recieve me back in a bit of a state!

If you see a 38yr old with good old fashioned male pattern balding wearing a Lions Williams jersey - it's me:cheers:

Hopefully the 'phins can make a game of it to get everyone going. But hey, it's the Giants today for me (Rob should be impressed)

Have not been around much but hope all are well.


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have fun at the game, and maybe they will start doing a game a year over there...

right now there is talks of buffalo playing in toronto for a game in the next couple of years


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ROOTING FOR THE GIANTS = :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

Hopefully they will beat the living crap out of the dolphins.


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FOOTBALL!!!! :cheers::cheers::cheers:

It's about halftime, and this looks like the mudbowl :roflmao:

Eli could be a bit more precise with his throws :think: