Just like Christmas (TCG Keepers)



So, I missed the 2nd half of the TCG keeper league and just got home. I was soo anxious to see the rest of my team that as I scrolled through the draft results it reminded me of a kid at Christmas.............that is the Christmas where my mom was laid off and dad wasnt paying child support. There some awful stuff inside my roster for the late round picks...lol.

I love my WR though and since we start 3 I am ok with that :cheers:


Larry Fitz
Ocho Cinco
Roy Williams
Brandon Marshall
Santonio Holmes
Reggie Williams (auto pick...grrr)
Chris Henry (auto pick...grrr)


Bench Warmer
actually since you had to take holmes at 15 I took you off autopick so after that I chose for you. Laugh if you will at Henry, he will be back in week 10 so you'll have another stud option for the playoffs. Reggie, well, he did well last year so hopefully he'll get back on the field, sounds like he is in doghouse though.