just got back from the a's giants game in san fran!!1


Bench Warmer
This was one of the funnest games ive ever been to. Lincecum was the giants starter but he was outpitched by chad gaudin!

The giants had a chance to win the game with bases loaded and 1 out but they couldnt come thru. Then the giants ran out of players when there backup catcher got hurt...forcing pedro feliz to play catcher ( hes never caught before in his life) and randy winn to play 3rd base ( hes never played 3rd) AND to top it all off they had to have one of there pitchers ( noah lowry) play in right field....it was the craziest thing ive ever seen!!!

That a's scored 2 runs in extra innings to win the game 5-3

There were 3 major fights in the left field bleachers right next to me...AWESOME!:pop:

And during batting practice rich harden tossed me a brand new baseball as he was shagging!

All the giants fans hated my big loud drunk annoying ass!
it doesnt get any better than that!!!

Im still drunk!!!!!!!!!!!:drunk::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
I was watching it. I couldn't believe they ran out of position players. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

There are plenty of fights in the LF bleachers when I go for Dodger/Giant games. Despite my hatred for the team and the city (except the weather), that is a nice ballpark.