Just found out today at work...

that i'm going to be promoted from a backwaiter to a server. woohoo! :dance: :dance: i cant wait for the bigger tip outs :D :cheers:


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Sadly i dont know what the difference is, but regardless HUGE CONGRATULATIONS FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool stuff, were you just running food before and now you get to serve? im not sure i have ever heard the term backwaiter

haha yeah i guess a lot of people dont exactly know the difference.
a backwaiter at PF Changs, puts all the food on the trays and runs it, along with stocking stuff in the back and making sure the servers look good. also, theres a lot of things going on in the back that the backwaiters take care of.
servers are a huge step up in my opinion and i've talked to all of the servers who were first backwaiters and they all agree that its much better to be a server than a bw.
cant wait for my training, just dont know when it starts haha :D :cheers:
also, on another note, no work for 4 days...yay! :clap: