Johnny Bower autos

Save your money up for an auto'd 8X10. As soon as the Mcfarlane hits, he will be doing a signing at Frozen pond. He is also signing at the Fall Toronto Expo in November. $20 plus the item.
hockeyrules555 said:
Hey, if can i send cash whenever the signing is?

I'll let u know when the Frozen Pond one is held. I will be going to that for sure. The Expo signing is on a Friday afternoon, so I may not make it. The owner of Frozen Pond told me a month, or so as soon as his Mcfarlane is released, he's doing a signing with him. If it is private, I can still get it for you, so don't worry. My buddy is good friends with Bower, and actually negotiated the figurine deal with Mcfarlane for Johnny. ;)\

This is what they have for sale on their website at the moment. They are $29, so I'm guessing the signing price will be in the $20 range, but I won't know till they announce something.

ross9013 said:
Johnny lives about 2 minutes from my house. I'm not sure the exact house but they renamed a park very close by aft him.

Cool, i actually life only about a 30 min drive from the town that Glenn Hall is from.