John Parker Wilson stats for today


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132 yards and no TDs for Alabama

138 yards and 1 TD for Mississippi State

Final Score: Alabama - 12, Mississippi State & JPW - 17

Never seen one player cost Alabama a game like that before. For the love of Christ, the moron took a sack at around midfield with just a few seconds and zero time outs left after having a good 6 seconds to get rid of the ball. He cost us all chance at the game and all chance at having a decent season.


I may be mistaken but I don't think Alabama has scored an offensive TD against MSU since 2004!! That's what Eli said.


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Sly Croom just bought 5 extra years at MSU compliments of Alabama & Auburn. :D

JPW still throws a good deep ball. I'm sure he'll watch plenty of tape of Auburn vs LSU/Georgia and see that the long ball is the way to beat us... we just can't defend it.

I'm afraid the Iron Bowl is headed for a dreaded 12:30 start. Guess I'll be leaving at 4 in the morning.:)


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Croom whens the state title of Alabama

wins over Alabama, Auburn, and UAB

when I go to Birmingham next week I am going to have to find a Miss. St. Tee shirt to wear!