Jay Cutler / Vandy mail & show pickups ...


Bench Warmer
It's been about a week since I did any amount of posting and my mailbox has been overflowing (always nice :D) Here goes, I hope I don't leave anyone out:


These cards came from Michaelou44. He stopped by my table at the show and gave me some terrific cards. I didn't have the Topps Red Hot Rookie Cutler yet. He also gave me some Mike Anderson cards and a David Robinson basketball card (because he thought I was in the NAVY!!! :lollol:) He now knows i'm a :flag: Leatherneck ... devil dog ... Jarhead ... US Marine! :helmet:

Michael is part of the College Collectors and it was very cool to get some spontaneous cards from him.

Next up: Welker83


Welker sent me some more great stuff from the CCC. We were in a group last month and I just didn't get a chance to get the scans up earlier. Thanks Welker! (The Mike Anderson card in the scan is from Michaelou44)

I got these in the mail from a transaction I did off of ebay with a random stranger. I was very trusting and he came through. I really appreciated that:


These were some freebies he threw in the deal... The payment was actually for this:


The Whale i'd been searching for since last year when it came out. I know most everyone saw my other post about it, sorry for the double post, but I'm still pretty excited.

This last one is not for me, but is headed to rb45070 since he found my whale. I wanted it to be a surprise, but I can't hold it... SURPRISE :trophy:

I am completely speechless man, that is amazing. I never expected anything like that at all. :surprised:

Thank you very, very much.
No. Thank you, sir... It got delivered to my uncle's store in Chattanooga, so it might be next week before I pick it up and mail it to you. I swear it's coming though! Scouts honor.
well that would be perfect, i move into my new apt on tues so ill pm you the addy as soon as we get the internet up and running