It's quiet around here


scuba steve

I thought there would be a lot of people reporting back after returning from cleveland


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ill do some updating tomorrow, got pictures to load once i get on a highspeed connection...the pics from d & b are amazing, a few from the hotel, a few from the show...good time overall, i brought a freebie that ill just mail out to you since you didnt make it...also i had a few freebies for others who werent able to make it but i had them just in case


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Sorry bud. Too tired to post last night (we had to stop on ourway home to meet with some A-hole :) ) And I'm still at work now. When I get home it will be happy fun scanning and uploading time :cheers:


just got back from a layover in viva las vegas. little too tired to post anything witty. 4 flights in 1 week and late nights (and early mornings thanks to my wake up caller lisu) @ nationals wore me out haha

have to catch up on shipping (don't run auctions during national b/c they'll pile up lol) and working deals that arose from national. after that, i get the joys of sorting, scanning, listing all the pickups from national. have another big show in 2-3 weeks (hollywood park, cali), so need to get cracking on organizing. had an awesome time @ national and looking forward to next year!